TheSchoolAdministrator.com, like the tagline states, is online inspiration for the school administrator committed to providing the highest quality educational leadership.

My name is Sam Rangel, and I’ve been in school administration for 4 years now. After 22 years in the classroom, I realized that I needed to play a greater role in the education of our students.

I have come to understand that school administrators have a great responsibility, not only to their particular school, but to society as a whole. The success of our society depends on the quality of students we produce. That is why we need to be more than just managers of schools. We need to be leaders with a vision.

I’ve been sharing my journey as a school administrator on my other site: SchoolAdministrationMastery.com, for the last few years, and I have connected with so many amazing school administrators that I wanted to help spread their wisdom to other educational leaders.

That is why TheSchoolAdministrator.com was created.

The vision is to have a place online where school administrators can go to find articles and other resources specifically designed to help him/her grow as a leader.

The goal is to share the collective wisdom from experienced leaders from around the world in hopes that schools everywhere will benefit from more informed, more inspired educational leaders.

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Thank you,

Sam Rangel
Assistant Principal – Corona, CA