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The Most Dangerous Phrase in Education –

The Most Dangerous Phrase in Education – Bethany Hill

(Originally posted on Communicate, Coach, Care: The Central Purpose.) WARNING!!!! You are about to be exposed to a highly dangerous and contagious phrase. These words, when used together in a sentence, can be toxic to others, and cause damage that can take years to repair. Hold your breath, grit your teeth, and read the phrase […]

Leading Change in Education – Chris Wool

Leading Change in Education – Chris Wooleyhand

(Originally posted on Common Sense School Leadership) By Dr. Christopher Wooleyhand The process of leading change in education is complex and challenging.  John Kotter is recognized as an expert on the topic of leadership and change.  He wrote Leading Change in 1996, which Time magazine selected as one of the 25 most influential business management […]

4 Steps a School Administrator Can Take ...

4 Steps a School Administrator Can Take to Inspire Others to Grab an Oar and Row – Sam Rangel

(Originally posted on School Administration Mastery.) By Sam Rangel Beyond the horizon, across the vast expanse of the ocean, the captain envisioned a new world. He was certain that a better world existed, but he just needed to get there. He knew he couldn’t get there without some help. As strong as he was, and […]

They Didn’t Teach Me That – Walter A. K

They Didn’t Teach Me That –  Walter A. Kozlowski

(Originally posted on Servant Principal.) By Walter A. Kozlowski I recently posted to Twitter that I was wondering whether Parking Lot Management should be a topic included in school administrator preparation programs. The comment seemed to resonate with a few people and it led me to thinking . . . what else do school administrators regularly […]

Personal Regard: Why Being Gruff Isn’t W

Personal Regard: Why Being Gruff Isn’t Worth It – Justin Baeder

(Originally posted on Eduleadership.) By Justin Baeder The principalship is tough work, so it’s no surprise that it both attracts tough-minded people and makes people tougher over time. It makes sense to be increasingly realistic and pragmatic as you gain experience, but too often we forget a key element of effective leadership: personal regard. Our […]

Rethinking Professional Development: 5 “

Rethinking Professional Development: 5 “Musts” For School Leaders – John Falino

(Originally posted on On Principal.) By John Falino Establishing a strong system for teacher learning and professional growth is now a “basic” responsibility for all school leaders at all levels. Given the radical changes and new innovations that continue to come our way, the need for strong instructional leaders who are creative, model best practice, […]

A Lead Learner Manifesto – Dr. Robert Di

A Lead Learner Manifesto – Dr. Robert Dillon

(Originally posted on Principally Speaking.) By Dr. Robert Dillon As facilitators of learning, we are dedicated to providing our students with the learning experiences that they need. We recognize that the resources and materials available to students for learning are growing and expanding at ever increasing rates. This requires us to think different, act different, […]

What Can We Accomplish Together? – Willi

What Can We Accomplish Together? – William D. Parker

(Originally posted on Principal Matters.) By William D. Parker The European Space Agency’s historical comet landing of the space craft Rosetta last week has my head spinning. First of all, imagine organizing a team of scientists and space engineers who design and launch a space craft with the goal of intersecting with a comet 500 […]

Who Should Plan, Design and Lead Teacher...

Who Should Plan, Design and Lead Teacher PD?  –  Pam Hernandez

(Originally posted at Education, Leadership and 21st Century Pedagogy.) By Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez “There’s got to be a better way to do professional development of teachers than to talk down to them and bore them to death.”  -Peggy McIntosh, Founder SEEDS Project District offices have traditionally dedicated personnel resources with previous classroom experience to spearheading teacher […]