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If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offen

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offense – Dr. Eric D. Knost

(Originally posted on Eknost’s Blog.) By Dr. Eric D. Knost I have been an educator my entire adult life. I have lived and breathed education as I worked with kids in one capacity or another through multiple decades. Just like anything else, when you live something long enough, it becomes part of you. It becomes […]

The Speed of Innovation – David Steward

The Speed of Innovation  – David Steward

(Originally posted on One Administrator’s View.) By David Steward Recently, I was fortunate to engage in a chat on Twitter that accompanied a local district beginning to discuss innovation and change for their kids.  The chat was extremely interesting (check out #ImagineSPS to see the discussion) and got me reflecting on change, innovation, and specifically […]

What is Your Story? – Douglas Elmendor

What is Your Story?  –  Douglas Elmendorf

(Originally posted on ASCD EDge.) By Douglas Elmendorf “You are not merely here to make a living.  You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with finer spirit of hope and achievement.  You are here to enrich the world.  You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.” – […]

Avoiding Bear Traps – Chris Hubbuch

Avoiding Bear Traps – Chris Hubbuch

(Originally posted on Inquiry to Results.) By Chris Hubbuch Little could be more painful that being in the clutches of a bear trap. Just thinking about that word is enough to conjure thoughts of oversized metal blades clasping the limb of an unsuspecting animal or hunter. I like to use the term “bear trap” to […]

9 Leadership Lessons Learned as a Conduc...

9 Leadership Lessons Learned as a Conductor – Larry Walsh

(Originally posted at Larry Walsh, High School Principal.) By Larry Walsh Raised in the Seattle area, I have been a professional musician since my teens. I have directed award-winning High School Bands, musicals and community orchestras. My expertise in percussion and keyboard have allowed me to perform throughout the United States with orchestras, jazz and rock […]

Recognizing Your Teacher Rock Stars – Th

Recognizing Your Teacher Rock Stars – Thinking Out of the Box – Sam Rangel

(Originally posted on By Sam Rangel I just finished Dave Ramsey’s book, EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches, and I plan on reading it again. It is filled with so many great ideas of how to lead effectively. It’s primarily for business owners, but as with many of the “business […]

The Principalship: What’s Most Important

(Originally posted on On Principal.) By John Falino I wrote a post over a year ago on the Principalship and the most important aspects of the position. As I move further along into my fourth year, the position continues to be multi-faceted, fast moving, and ever-changing. Simply put, no one day is ever the same. […]