(Originally posted on Principally Speaking.)

By Dr. Robert Dillon

As facilitators of learning, we are dedicated to providing our students with the learning experiences that they need. We recognize that the resources and materials available to students for learning are growing and expanding at ever increasing rates. This requires us to think different, act different, and work differently to achieve our mission. All of this pushes us toward providing deeper learning opportunities supported with the best tools.


With this in mind, we are dedicated to the following things in the name of learning for our students.


  • Growing as a learner each day
  • Being a reflective practitioner that seeks ways to improve
  • Approaching teaching with an ethic of service in mind
  • Supporting new initiatives that enhance student learning
  • Rejecting that change is stoppable
  • Embracing that the need to reshape units and lesson is accelerating
  • Recognizing that technology is playing a deeper role in supporting instruction
  • Looking for ways to integrate new technology systems into daily work flow
  • Releasing best practices into the marketplace of learning
  • Taking positive risks for the sake of kids and their learning
  • Building a professional network that extends beyond the wall of the building
  • Asking for help often
  • Finding solutions to issues that create friction in the system
Dr. Robert Dillon is the Director of Technology and Innovation for the Affton School District. He shares his insights on his website, Principally Speaking. Follow