We are always looking for great content for this site.

We are looking for content that will provide value to our readers – content that is inspirational as well as educational.

Now matter how amazing the content is, however, if it’s not being read, then it won’t make a difference how good it is.

Here are 5 tips to create a great post. :

  1. Make your title compelling. Your post title is like a headline in a newspaper article. You want to peak the curiosity of your prospective readers. Collaboration Among Teachers becomes Keep Your Teachers From Being Selfish. Which post would you rather read?
  2. Keep your paragraphs short. When I see a blog post with one large block of text, I normally click the back button. There might be a piece of valuable information in the post, but I don’t want to search through a mountain of text to find it.
  3. Use bullets. Many of your readers will probably skim your post first. I know I do. I look for the bullet points first. Then, if the bullet points peak my interest, I will read the rest of the post. I know many readers do the same thing.
  4. Bold the important phrases. Again, this is to help catch the attention of the skimmers like me.
  5. List are Good. 10 Top Leadership Tips. 8 Ways to Connect with You Staff. 5 Tips to Create a Great Post. Try and find a way to create a list for readers to follow.

Thank you,