My name is Sam Rangel, and I’ve been sharing my journey as a school administrator for the last few years at SchoolAdministrationMastery.com.

I wanted to contact you about a new website that I’m launching in May just for school administrators.

It’s called TheSchoolAdministrator.com, and the goal is to provide a place where educational leaders can go to find resources and inspiration to help them grow as a leader.

I am contacting school administrator bloggers to see if they would allow me to re-post one or more of their blog posts that they feel would be beneficial to school administrators.

I would, of course, include your name and title, along with links back to your site.

You can see an example here: http://theschooladministrator.com/how-school-administrators-will-change-the-world/

Is this something that you can help me with?

If you can, please respond to the message that I sent you with an email where I can send you all the details along with a heartfelt thank you.


Sam Rangel