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What’s Most Important on Opening Meeting

(Originally posted at On Principal.) By John Falino It’s hard to believe that the start of another school year is quickly approaching. As school leaders are putting the finishing touches on a summer that was filled with scheduling, staffing, professional development, and a multitude of other tasks that go along with ensuring the successful start […]

On Becoming a School Leader – Steven Web

On Becoming a School Leader – Steven Weber

(Originally posted on ASCD EDge) By Steven Weber School leadership has changed over the past twenty years. The role of a building principal is similar to the combined roles of a chef, architect, tightrope walker, public speaker, supervisor, investment broker, and pilot. As a chef, the school leader stirs the right ingredients and takes risks, […]

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offen

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offense – Dr. Eric D. Knost

(Originally posted on Eknost’s Blog.) By Dr. Eric D. Knost I have been an educator my entire adult life. I have lived and breathed education as I worked with kids in one capacity or another through multiple decades. Just like anything else, when you live something long enough, it becomes part of you. It becomes […]

What’s Holding You Back? – Ben Gilpin

What’s Holding You Back? – Ben Gilpin

(Originally posted on The Colorful Principal.) By Ben Gilpin 2014 was the start of something special.  That something was #ClassroomCribs.  I’m a believer that learning spaces matter.  As we jump start 2015, I feel it is critical to talk about where we’ve been and what we’re learning. This past summer +A.J. Juliani, +Erin Klein and I began working […]

Leading Change in Education – Chris Wool

Leading Change in Education – Chris Wooleyhand

(Originally posted on Common Sense School Leadership) By Dr. Christopher Wooleyhand The process of leading change in education is complex and challenging.  John Kotter is recognized as an expert on the topic of leadership and change.  He wrote Leading Change in 1996, which Time magazine selected as one of the 25 most influential business management […]