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A Leader’s Most Important Tool? Their St

(Originally posted on Front Office Leadership) By Jeff Krieger   Can meaningful leadership exist without quality communication? Do great communicators always provide great leadership? What comprises a great communicator to you and your campus? Should communication be a priority for campus leaders? Why all the questions about communication? The above is meant to illustrate the […]

Embrace a Mistake – Amy Heavin

Embrace a Mistake  – Amy Heavin

(Originally posted on Leading Inspired.) We’ve all heard the quote by Vince Lombardi, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”   Every moment is a learning experience. Mistakes are no different. We all make mistakes. We are human – it is bound to happen. If we are not willing to […]

The Challenge of Consensus – Michael Wir

The Challenge of Consensus – Michael Wirtz

(Originally posted on Our Work, Their Education.) By Michael Wirtz I find myself in a lot meetings, many of which I organize and lead.  In the best moments, meetings are worth everyone’s time because they create the opportunity to test out the ideas of the group related to a worthy agenda issue, and they can […]

Transparent Leadership: Letting Your Lig...

Transparent Leadership: Letting Your Light Shine Through – Bethany Hill

(Originally posted on Communicate, Coach, Care: The Central Purpose) By Bethany Hill Transparency is a new buzz word in the leadership world. Some people are naturally “open books”, sharing anything and everything with the world. Others find it more challenging to reveal parts of themselves. One fact remains about transparency: when we see through or […]