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9 Leadership Lessons Learned as a Conduc...

9 Leadership Lessons Learned as a Conductor – Larry Walsh

(Originally posted at Larry Walsh, High School Principal.) By Larry Walsh Raised in the Seattle area, I have been a professional musician since my teens. I have directed award-winning High School Bands, musicals and community orchestras. My expertise in percussion and keyboard have allowed me to perform throughout the United States with orchestras, jazz and rock […]

Leading Change in Education – Chris Wool

Leading Change in Education – Chris Wooleyhand

(Originally posted on Common Sense School Leadership) By Dr. Christopher Wooleyhand The process of leading change in education is complex and challenging.  John Kotter is recognized as an expert on the topic of leadership and change.  He wrote Leading Change in 1996, which Time magazine selected as one of the 25 most influential business management […]

What Can We Accomplish Together? – Willi

What Can We Accomplish Together? – William D. Parker

(Originally posted on Principal Matters.) By William D. Parker The European Space Agency’s historical comet landing of the space craft Rosetta last week has my head spinning. First of all, imagine organizing a team of scientists and space engineers who design and launch a space craft with the goal of intersecting with a comet 500 […]

What Legacy Will You Leave Behind? – Dan

(Originally posted on Once a Bobcat, Always a Bobcat.) By Dan Butler Over the past few years, I have attended a number of retirement parties for teachers, administrators, and support staff members.  Within these gatherings, I have interpreted a common theme from the comments and speeches centered around what type of legacy has been left […]