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Redefining Time – Prioritize for Effecti

(Originally posted on Habits of Reflective School Leadership.) By Dan Fowler As school leaders, we constantly find ourselves trying to work more efficiently by multi-tasking the many responsibilities that consume the time in our day.  We conduct classroom walk-throughs, manage discipline, respond to email, police the lunchroom, and the list of “to dos” goes on. […]

Embrace a Mistake – Amy Heavin

Embrace a Mistake  – Amy Heavin

(Originally posted on Leading Inspired.) We’ve all heard the quote by Vince Lombardi, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”   Every moment is a learning experience. Mistakes are no different. We all make mistakes. We are human – it is bound to happen. If we are not willing to […]

The Most Dangerous Phrase in Education –

The Most Dangerous Phrase in Education – Bethany Hill

(Originally posted on Communicate, Coach, Care: The Central Purpose.) WARNING!!!! You are about to be exposed to a highly dangerous and contagious phrase. These words, when used together in a sentence, can be toxic to others, and cause damage that can take years to repair. Hold your breath, grit your teeth, and read the phrase […]

What Can We Accomplish Together? – Willi

What Can We Accomplish Together? – William D. Parker

(Originally posted on Principal Matters.) By William D. Parker The European Space Agency’s historical comet landing of the space craft Rosetta last week has my head spinning. First of all, imagine organizing a team of scientists and space engineers who design and launch a space craft with the goal of intersecting with a comet 500 […]