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What’s Most Important on Opening Meeting

(Originally posted at On Principal.) By John Falino It’s hard to believe that the start of another school year is quickly approaching. As school leaders are putting the finishing touches on a summer that was filled with scheduling, staffing, professional development, and a multitude of other tasks that go along with ensuring the successful start […]

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offen

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offense – Dr. Eric D. Knost

(Originally posted on Eknost’s Blog.) By Dr. Eric D. Knost I have been an educator my entire adult life. I have lived and breathed education as I worked with kids in one capacity or another through multiple decades. Just like anything else, when you live something long enough, it becomes part of you. It becomes […]

An Outline for Going Google – Brad Curri

An Outline for Going Google – Brad Currie

(Originally posted on ) By Brad Currie   Image Credit: A good friend of mine, Billy Krakower, recently asked about my thoughts pertaining to a strategic Google Apps for Education (GAFE) rollout plan. Below you will find what I shared with him via email a few weeks ago. I. Assess Needs of Staff […]

Redefining Time – Prioritize for Effecti

(Originally posted on Habits of Reflective School Leadership.) By Dan Fowler As school leaders, we constantly find ourselves trying to work more efficiently by multi-tasking the many responsibilities that consume the time in our day.  We conduct classroom walk-throughs, manage discipline, respond to email, police the lunchroom, and the list of “to dos” goes on. […]

Avoiding Bear Traps – Chris Hubbuch

Avoiding Bear Traps – Chris Hubbuch

(Originally posted on Inquiry to Results.) By Chris Hubbuch Little could be more painful that being in the clutches of a bear trap. Just thinking about that word is enough to conjure thoughts of oversized metal blades clasping the limb of an unsuspecting animal or hunter. I like to use the term “bear trap” to […]

5 Ways to Make a Change Happen Faster –

5 Ways to Make a Change Happen Faster – Justin Baeder

(Originally posted on Eduleadership.) By Justin Baeder When change happens too fast, it overwhelms people and diminishes their confidence that they’ll be successful. Skills take time to develop, and no one wants to be judged too quickly on a skill they are still developing. But some people think they should have three or four years to […]

Rethinking Professional Development: 5 “

Rethinking Professional Development: 5 “Musts” For School Leaders – John Falino

(Originally posted on On Principal.) By John Falino Establishing a strong system for teacher learning and professional growth is now a “basic” responsibility for all school leaders at all levels. Given the radical changes and new innovations that continue to come our way, the need for strong instructional leaders who are creative, model best practice, […]

Who Should Plan, Design and Lead Teacher...

Who Should Plan, Design and Lead Teacher PD?  –  Pam Hernandez

(Originally posted at Education, Leadership and 21st Century Pedagogy.) By Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez “There’s got to be a better way to do professional development of teachers than to talk down to them and bore them to death.”  -Peggy McIntosh, Founder SEEDS Project District offices have traditionally dedicated personnel resources with previous classroom experience to spearheading teacher […]

Leadership at Its Most Powerful is by Ex...

Leadership at Its Most Powerful is by Example – Dr. Daniel L. Frazier

(Originally posted at A Lighthouse.) By Dr. Daniel L. Frazier I once knew an executive who routinely displayed displeasure and sometimes contempt for his subordinates. Meanwhile he would preach to his team how they needed to improve staff morale. Unfortunately, the lieutenants emulated the leader. His team may have been told what to do, but […]

The Challenge of Consensus – Michael Wir

The Challenge of Consensus – Michael Wirtz

(Originally posted on Our Work, Their Education.) By Michael Wirtz I find myself in a lot meetings, many of which I organize and lead.  In the best moments, meetings are worth everyone’s time because they create the opportunity to test out the ideas of the group related to a worthy agenda issue, and they can […]

Prehistoric PD – Brad Gustafson

Prehistoric PD – Brad Gustafson

  Image Credit: (Originally Posted at Adjusting Course.) By Brad Gustafson Professional Development (PD) is one of the most important undertakings a school leader can invest in.  The learning experiences we offer our staff should exemplify current-best-practice.  However, the predominant approach to PD remains systemically prehistoric; a pedagogical relic that is frozen in time. Can we […]