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A Leader’s Most Important Tool? Their St

(Originally posted on Front Office Leadership) By Jeff Krieger   Can meaningful leadership exist without quality communication? Do great communicators always provide great leadership? What comprises a great communicator to you and your campus? Should communication be a priority for campus leaders? Why all the questions about communication? The above is meant to illustrate the […]

Top Ten Things to Not Forget as a Princi...

Top Ten Things to Not Forget as a Principal – Jessica Hanson

(Originally posted on Love the Learning.) By Jessica Hanson Embarking on a new journey to become the principal of an elementary campus has already had it’s highs and lows and I haven’t even started the school year yet. I have already been faced with tough decisions that required me to “Move people’s cheese” and “Dip […]

Embrace the New Year and the New Teacher...

Embrace the New Year and the New Teacher – Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez

(Originally posted at Education, Leadership and 21st Century Pedagogy.) By Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez   The Back to School blog posts are appearing. They’re showing up in our in boxes, our Twitter feeds, on Google+ and our Facebook feeds. Where just a week ago, our social media was filled with pictures of smiling couples, groups of friends […]

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offen

If It’s A Contest, I’d Rather Play Offense – Dr. Eric D. Knost

(Originally posted on Eknost’s Blog.) By Dr. Eric D. Knost I have been an educator my entire adult life. I have lived and breathed education as I worked with kids in one capacity or another through multiple decades. Just like anything else, when you live something long enough, it becomes part of you. It becomes […]

What’s Holding You Back? – Ben Gilpin

What’s Holding You Back? – Ben Gilpin

(Originally posted on The Colorful Principal.) By Ben Gilpin 2014 was the start of something special.  That something was #ClassroomCribs.  I’m a believer that learning spaces matter.  As we jump start 2015, I feel it is critical to talk about where we’ve been and what we’re learning. This past summer +A.J. Juliani, +Erin Klein and I began working […]

Recognizing Your Teacher Rock Stars – Th

Recognizing Your Teacher Rock Stars – Thinking Out of the Box – Sam Rangel

(Originally posted on By Sam Rangel I just finished Dave Ramsey’s book, EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches, and I plan on reading it again. It is filled with so many great ideas of how to lead effectively. It’s primarily for business owners, but as with many of the “business […]

5 Tips to Help Teacher Morale – David El

5 Tips to Help Teacher Morale – David Ellena

(Originally posted on A Principal’s Life.) By David Ellena In this day and age of “education reform”, it seems that teachers and public education are under attack from all sides. The media and politicians continually erode the public confidence in the very people who we watch dedicate themselves on a daily basis to our students. […]