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Transparent Leadership: Letting Your Lig...

Transparent Leadership: Letting Your Light Shine Through – Bethany Hill

(Originally posted on Communicate, Coach, Care: The Central Purpose) By Bethany Hill Transparency is a new buzz word in the leadership world. Some people are naturally “open books”, sharing anything and everything with the world. Others find it more challenging to reveal parts of themselves. One fact remains about transparency: when we see through or […]

What Servant Leadership Means to Me – Da

What Servant Leadership Means to Me – David Geurin

(Originally posted on By David Geurin The traditional idea of leadership was power. Leaders were expected to control and coerce. To make sure that followers were productive and efficient. To enforce policies and procedures. Principals and teachers were praised for ‘running a tight ship’ or ‘keeping their ducks in a row.’ A quiet classroom […]