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A Leader’s Most Important Tool? Their St

(Originally posted on Front Office Leadership) By Jeff Krieger   Can meaningful leadership exist without quality communication? Do great communicators always provide great leadership? What comprises a great communicator to you and your campus? Should communication be a priority for campus leaders? Why all the questions about communication? The above is meant to illustrate the […]

Top Ten Things to Not Forget as a Princi...

Top Ten Things to Not Forget as a Principal – Jessica Hanson

(Originally posted on Love the Learning.) By Jessica Hanson Embarking on a new journey to become the principal of an elementary campus has already had it’s highs and lows and I haven’t even started the school year yet. I have already been faced with tough decisions that required me to “Move people’s cheese” and “Dip […]

Using the Formative Assessment Process W...

Using the Formative Assessment Process With Teachers to Improve Instructional Practice – Dan Fowler

(Originally posted on Habits of Reflective School Leadership.) By Dan Fowler As a FAME (Formative Assessment for Maryland Educators) Leader at the district and school level, I have found, and believe, that the formative assessment process is one of the single most important things that educators can do for their students. The statement “formative assessment […]

Key Practices of High-Performance Instru...

Key Practices of High-Performance Instructional Leaders – Justin Baeder

(Originally posted on Eduleadership.) By Justin Baeder What does it mean to be an instructional leader? Too many definitions contrast instructional leadership with “mere” management, as if the management work that administrators do isn’t related to teaching and learning. I believe that it’s all connected, and that an effective instructional leader is also an effective […]

On Becoming a School Leader – Steven Web

On Becoming a School Leader – Steven Weber

(Originally posted on ASCD EDge) By Steven Weber School leadership has changed over the past twenty years. The role of a building principal is similar to the combined roles of a chef, architect, tightrope walker, public speaker, supervisor, investment broker, and pilot. As a chef, the school leader stirs the right ingredients and takes risks, […]