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Embrace the New Year and the New Teacher...

Embrace the New Year and the New Teacher – Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez

(Originally posted at Education, Leadership and 21st Century Pedagogy.) By Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez   The Back to School blog posts are appearing. They’re showing up in our in boxes, our Twitter feeds, on Google+ and our Facebook feeds. Where just a week ago, our social media was filled with pictures of smiling couples, groups of friends […]

5 Ways to Make a Change Happen Faster –

5 Ways to Make a Change Happen Faster – Justin Baeder

(Originally posted on Eduleadership.) By Justin Baeder When change happens too fast, it overwhelms people and diminishes their confidence that they’ll be successful. Skills take time to develop, and no one wants to be judged too quickly on a skill they are still developing. But some people think they should have three or four years to […]

Getting Things Done – Breck Quarles

Getting Things Done – Breck Quarles

(Originally posed on A Principal Journey.) By Breck Quarels “Procrastination is attitude’s natural assassin. There’s nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task.” – William James I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a natural procrastinator.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten better over the last few years, but summer seems to bring the procrastination monster […]

Ten School Leadership Lessons Inspired b...

Ten School Leadership Lessons Inspired by The Godfather – Chris Wooleyhand

(Originally Posted on Common Sense School Leadership.) By Christopher Wooleyhand The Godfather is arguably one of the best books and movies ever produced.  While the violence associated with the film should never be glorified, there are many messages in the movie that can be used to inspire thoughtful leadership in education.  My wife, Debbie, and […]

Guiding Principles of a Learning Communi...

Guiding Principles of a Learning Community – Chris Hubbuch

(Originally posted on Inquiry to Results.) By Chris Hubbuch Effective leadership on any level requires reflection about core values. Through this process your principles are identified and tested. Actual core values consist of what you live out, as opposed to your idealized principles. The challenge for any leader is achieving consistency between expressed values and […]

Are You Rocking the Boat? – Joey Sagel

Are You Rocking the Boat? – Joey Sagel

(Originally posted on Principal Joey.) By Joey Sagel What is a great educator?  As a culture, we’ve bought into the notion (aided by just about any movie you can think of about a teacher) that being a great educator means rising above a corrupt and crumbling oppressive system and being a lone beacon of light […]

Transparent Leadership: Letting Your Lig...

Transparent Leadership: Letting Your Light Shine Through – Bethany Hill

(Originally posted on Communicate, Coach, Care: The Central Purpose) By Bethany Hill Transparency is a new buzz word in the leadership world. Some people are naturally “open books”, sharing anything and everything with the world. Others find it more challenging to reveal parts of themselves. One fact remains about transparency: when we see through or […]