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By Brad Currie



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A good friend of mine, Billy Krakower, recently asked about my thoughts pertaining to a strategic Google Apps for Education (GAFE) rollout plan. Below you will find what I shared with him via email a few weeks ago.

I. Assess Needs of Staff
a. Google Form Survey to assess staff needs. This idea actually came from Scott Rocco. I think it’s important to note that listening and following through on the needs of teachers is critical.
b. Another option would be to backchannel during a meeting with a tool like TodaysMeet.
c. Informal classroom observations and conversations with staff would help in forming a plan.

a. Student Engagement using GAFE
b. Meets on monthly basis
c. Utilizes SAMR Model to develop lessons
d. Tech coach will support PLCs in physical and virtual world
e. A Google Classroom “Class” will be created for staff to share ideas and resources throughout the school year

III. Differentiated Approach to GAFE training
a. 3 Levels ~ Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
b. Training will take place before, during, and after school for the various levels stated above
c. Utilization of middle school and high school Student Tech Club that will help teachers integrate GAFE
d. Parent tech nights/mornings offered 3 or 4 times during school year to acclimate them to initiative
e. Shift in utilization of time during Common Planning Time and Faculty Meetings to focus on sharing best practice tech initiatives

IV. District Wide GAFE Summit
a. Day of learning consisting of GAFE Keynote and four staff led break out sessions. Rich Kiker is one of the world’s leading educational thought leaders when it comes to GAFE integration. Learn more about booking him for 2015-2016 school year by clicking here.
b. Important: Staff will be given 1/2 day sub within one month of Summit to dig deeper into what was learned
c. Those who volunteer to present will be offered a chance to attend out of district GAFE conferences and workshops

V. Google Educator Certification Initiative
a. 3 year plan to be accomplished by the Fall of 2018
b. Long term goal is to have at least 3 staff members in each grade level and each building that are Google Certified Educators
c. Immediate Goal is to have 2 staff members in each building become Google Certified by June 2016
d. Lofty goal would be to have every staff member Google Certified within this time period

VI. Points of Emphasis for Students and Teachers
a. Paperless Learning Environment with : Chrome, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Draw, Classroom, and a host of other web applications
b. Real time creation, collaboration, and communication
c. What is possible with apps and extensions housed in the Chrome Store


Brad Currie is the author of All Hands on Deck: Tools for Connecting Educators, Parents, and Communities. He is one of the founding partners of Evolving Educators LLC. Brad is an ASCD Emerging Leader, Bammy Award Finalist, ClassDojo Thought Leader and Google Certified Educator. He currently serves as a K-8 Supervisor of Instruction and Middle School Vice Principal for the Chester School District in Chester, NJ. Learn more about Brad by following him on Twitter @bradmcurrie or visiting his website at www.bradcurrie.net.