Join me in committing to read one great leadership post a day.

School administrators are busy people. I know.

We are the first to arrive at school and the last to leave. When do we have time to sit and read one of the leadership books in our bookcase?

Blogs, podcasts and audiobooks have helped. I listen to audiobooks on the way to work, along with podcasts.

Every morning I wake up about an hour and a half early to do some exercising, blog posting and reading. This works for me.

I know, however, many school administrators might not be able to do this. That is where this site can help.

I’m committed to posting one great blog post a day on

These posts will be from school administrator bloggers who have agreed to share their most inspiring posts here on this site.

If you’re like me – dedicated to becoming a more effective leader – we need to find time to read more, share more, collaborate more.

Let’s start with committing to read one great blog post  day. #1postaday.

Thank you,


P.S. If you are a school administrator blogger, share your most inspiring post here on this site. Click here and be a contributor.